The Most Notorious Cgebet Com Casino Heists in History

The Most Notorious Cgebet Com Casino Heists in History


It’s no secret that casinos are prime targets for criminals. Whether you’re a seasoned robber or an amateur looking to make a quick buck, cgebet com casinos are full of opportunities. But they’re also full of security cameras and security guards, so if you want to steal from them successfully, it’s best not to get caught. Read on for tips from casino heist experts who’ve done it all—and lived (mostly) happily ever after!

The Casino Heist – $1.5 Million

The Casino Heist

In 1976, a group of thieves led by James Bond robbed the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The robbers used a fake bomb to distract the security guards and then stole $1.5 million in cash from the casino vault. They were able to escape undetected because they had taken care of all their expenses ahead of time, including renting cars, purchasing plane tickets and booking hotels for their getaway trip.

The Largest Casino Heist in History – $1.2 Billion

The Largest Casino Heist in History – $1.2 Billion

The largest casino heist in history was a meticulously planned operation that began with the theft of several hundred keys from the Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In the early hours of November 21st, 1993, six men used these keys to enter two separate banks of slot machines and begin their work. They were able to disable alarms and cameras by cutting wires or removing batteries before emptying each machine’s cash drawer into duffel bags they brought with them for this purpose. Once all 760 machines had been emptied out, they left as quickly as they had come, escaping through an emergency exit into a waiting van driven by an accomplice outside who had been watching for their signal (a red flashlight). The entire robbery took less than three minutes!

The thieves then split up into three groups: one drove off with most of the money; another took what remained back home where their wives helped count it; while another group went shopping at nearby retail stores using some of this newly acquired wealth!

This whole thing sounds like something straight outta Ocean’s 11 but it really happened! Not only did these guys pull off an incredible feat but they also managed not get caught until months later when one member decided he wanted out and informed authorities about everything he knew about his former partners’ whereabouts just days before Christmas Day 1994 (gotta love holiday spirit).

Ken Uston and the MIT Blackjack Team

In 1979, a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) made headlines when they used their knowledge of card counting to win millions at casino blackjack tables. The team was led by Ken Uston, who had previously been banned from most casinos for his success at playing blackjack.

The MIT Blackjack Team was among the first to use card counting as a strategy for winning at casino games like blackjack and baccarat. Card counting involves keeping track of how many high-value cards have been dealt out so far in order to determine when it’s likely that another one will come up next–and therefore make it easier for you to bet on low numbers (which are more advantageous).

Because casinos ban players who use this technique and consider them cheaters, members were forced underground after getting caught several times during their heyday between 1976-1980. However, despite being banned from establishments like Caesar’s Palace (where they’d won $4 million), people still wanted access

How to Rob a Casino – Steve Wynn’s Take

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t let anyone into the vault.
  • Don’t take any risks, like trying to break into a safe by yourself or driving away in an armored car with $300 million in cash onboard.
  • And most importantly: don’t get caught!

The Funeral Robbery – $38,000

The Funeral Robbery – $38,000

This heist is particularly notable because it’s one of the few times that casino security was able to recover all of the stolen money. In this case, three men disguised themselves as mourners at a funeral and then robbed a nearby casino during the service. The perpetrators were caught and punished for their crimes; however, they were unable to pay back all of their debts from their earnings from previous heists because they had already spent most of it on drugs and gambling–one addict gambled away his winnings within 24 hours! This story illustrates how casinos work hard to keep patrons safe while still allowing them room for fun at the tables or slots machines.

Don’t get caught robbing casinos!

You should also know that casinos have a lot of security cameras. So if you’re going to rob them, make sure you are not caught on camera. If you are caught robbing a casino, or even just trying to rob one, then the police will arrest you and put in prison for life. And that’s no fun at all!


There are a variety of different ways to rob a casino. Some are more successful than others, but all have one thing in common: they’re risky. If you ever find yourself thinking about robbing a casino, remember these stories and think twice about whether or not it’s worth the risk!


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