Main Info About Baji Casino

Baji Casino is a trusted bookmaker that provides online gambling legally in India. The company offers users a wide variety of sports games, casino, slots and much more. The advantage of the company is the availability of different popular payment methods, such as bank deposits and the use of cryptocurrency.

Baji operates under the laws of India, it is a legal betting company that is registered and licensed by the government of Curacao. The privacy policy of the company secures all data requested during the registration and verification process, so the user can not worry about security.

Baji allows players to use a site adapted to different local languages, as well as to place bets in a user-friendly currency. If necessary, any player can use the company’s 24/7 support.

Baji Registration Process

Registering on Baji’s website is easy and will not take the customer long! The registration process has several steps:

  • Registration with filling in the required registration fields.
  • Verification of the account.

If the company discovers inaccuracies or incorrect data, the Baji operator can request additional information or further block the user’s account.

How To Create an Account at Baji?

In order to create an account and place bets, the user has to register:

Step 1

Go to the official website of Baji and click on the button “Sign up” in the upper right corner of the site.

Step 2

Fill in all fields in the registration window (username, password), as well as choose a currency from the proposed.

Step 3

Click on the arrow for further registration, then enter your phone number and email address, confirmation code.

Step 4

Read and agree to the user agreement and terms and conditions. After that, click on the registration button.

It is important to note that one user can only have one account. If re-registration is detected, the accounts will be deleted.

When choosing the sport on which the user wants to bet, he should remember that the office presents a large number of different betting markets:

Betting Type Description
Over/Under (Totals) A player can bet, for example, on the total number of goals in the game, predicting the number – bet on the total
Asian Handicap The market provides for a “head start” between weaker and stronger sides that balance each other. It can be the number of goals, for example.
Express Bets This type of betting allows people to bet on several sports at the same time.
Point Spread Gives an opportunity to lose a few points and leave the bet profitable.
Money Line Bets The player simply chooses which team will win, or picks a draw.
Prop Bets Bets in the form of questions, such as whether a player will get a certain number of points.


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