Behind the Scenes: Interviews with the Founders of LuckyCola Login Gambling

LuckyCola Login Gambling exploded onto the online gambling scene in 2021 with its unique model of requiring users to login with their social media accounts. This controversial business model drew both high praise and harsh criticism. I sat down with LuckyCola’s founders, Sarah Mills and Thomas Wu, to learn more about their motivations and goals.

Sarah and Thomas met at Stanford Business School in 2017. They bonded over a shared interest in finding innovative solutions to real-world problems. After graduating, they experimented with a few startup ideas before landing on the idea for LuckyCola.

“We saw that online gambling was this huge, growing industry,” Sarah explained. “But at the same time, we kept hearing about the social and psychological toll it was taking on some users. We wanted to find a way to harness the upside of online gambling, while also looking out for players’ wellbeing.”

And so the login requirement was born. By tying gambling accounts to established social media profiles, LuckyCola aims to add a layer of accountability and community support.

Of course, as Thomas acknowledged, “It’s far from a perfect solution. Many have criticized it as a breach of privacy and an overreach. But we feel it strikes the right balance for what we’re trying to achieve.”

Sarah added, “Even with the login requirement, we’re very focused on responsible gambling practices. We want to pioneer new standards for ethics and moderation in this industry.”

Looking ahead, Sarah and Thomas are focused on expanding LuckyCola’s gaming portfolio beyond just casino games. They aim to fuse gaming with education, exercise and social connection.

“We hope LuckyCola evolves into much more than just a gambling platform,” said Thomas. “Our ultimate vision is to lead a shift in how the world thinks about gaming and its role in health, learning and everyday life.”

It remains to be seen whether LuckyCola’s controversial approach pays off in the long run. But one thing is clear – Sarah and Thomas are willing to challenge norms and take risks. And those founding values shape every aspect of LuckyCola as it navigates uncharted territory.


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