ASA Takes Action: Banning Okbet Online Casino Gambling Adverts for Promoting Irresponsible Gambling



In a recent move to protect consumers and ensure responsible marketing, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a number of Okbet Online Casino gambling adverts that were found to promote irresponsible gambling. This decision marks a significant step in the ASA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that the advertising industry upholds ethical standards and maintains a safe environment for consumers, particularly in the rapidly growing online gambling sector.

The Crackdown on Irresponsible Gambling Adverts

The ASA has been vigilantly monitoring gambling adverts in the UK, particularly those appearing online, where their reach and impact can be significant. The decision to ban these adverts is based on their breach of the CAP Code, which governs non-broadcast advertising, and the BCAP Code, which governs broadcast advertising. These codes stipulate that gambling adverts must not portray, condone, or encourage irresponsible gambling behavior.

Among the banned adverts were those that explicitly or implicitly targeted vulnerable individuals, such as those experiencing financial hardship, or glamorized gambling by associating it with a luxurious lifestyle. Some of the adverts also portrayed gambling as a solution to personal problems or suggested that it could lead to financial success.

The ASA’s Rationale

The ASA’s primary motivation for taking this action is to protect consumers from misleading or harmful advertising. By enforcing the rules set out in the CAP and BCAP codes, the ASA aims to ensure that gambling companies do not exploit vulnerable consumers or promote potentially harmful behavior.

Furthermore, the ASA recognizes the impact of gambling-related harm on individuals and society as a whole. With the rapid expansion of the online gambling industry, the risks associated with irresponsible gambling have grown substantially. The ASA’s decision to ban these adverts demonstrates its commitment to minimizing these risks and ensuring that the advertising industry upholds its ethical responsibilities.

Industry Response and Self-Regulation

While some online gambling companies may view the ASA’s decision as a setback, many within the industry acknowledge the importance of responsible advertising. In recent years, several major operators have taken proactive steps to implement self-regulatory measures aimed at promoting responsible gambling and protecting vulnerable consumers.

These measures include implementing advertising guidelines and codes of practice, promoting responsible gambling tools and resources, and offering support for those experiencing gambling-related harm. These efforts not only demonstrate the industry’s commitment to ethical marketing but also help to foster a positive image of the online gambling sector.


The ASA’s decision to ban a number of online gambling adverts for promoting irresponsible gambling sends a clear message to the industry about the importance of ethical advertising practices. It is vital that gambling companies continue to work together and with regulatory authorities to ensure that their marketing efforts do not contribute to gambling-related harm.

As the online gambling sector continues to grow, it is crucial that advertisers maintain a focus on responsible marketing and adhere to the established guidelines and codes. By doing so, the industry can continue to thrive while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all consumers.


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