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In countries like Bangladesh where online betting is not officially legal or illegal, gambling companies often have to create alternative links, also known as mirror sites, for users to access the website as they can experience domain or website blocking. At Complete Sports, we’ll provide you with the most up-to-date links to access Labha7  in Bangladesh. So if the website gets blocked, you’ll always have a way to access it. At the moment, there are 2 official links to access Labha7 BD:

A mirror site is a replica of an existing site, which is hosted on an alternative url/doman. The functionality and user experience is identical to what you would see on the original site, it just has a different url.

Why does Labha7 have a mirror site?

Labha7 operates worldwide, and in some countries, e.g. India, and Somalia, amongst others, their website may get blocked. In order to bypass this, Labha7 will create an alternative link so that users can still access the website without having to use a VPN. As highlighted, this has not yet been necessary in Bangladesh, as you can still access their website on the original link.

Is the Labha7 alternative link legit?

Labha7 alternative linking websites are perfectly legitimate. Labha7 will either operate in regulated markets where the country a country-specific gambling licence is required, e.g. Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia. Alternatively, they’ll operate in what are described as grey markets, where there is no official regulation for online betting and casino, for example, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. In countries like this, Labha7 will operate using the Curacao licence. The Curacao licence is designed to help both protect players and reduce the risk of illegal activity like money laundering.

How do I know if Labha7 is using an alternative link?

It’s quite easy to tell if Labha7 is using a new link, as you can see in the example below. In example 1, we have shown you an original Labha7 link. Whilst example 2, is an alternative mirror link to access the website in India.

Is there a Welcome Bonus for the Labha7  Alternative Site?

You can claim the Labha7 Welcome Bonus as normal when using the Labha7 BD link and receive a 130% free bet deposit bonus up to 15,600 BDT. Just make sure to enter promo code COMPLETE when you register. You can learn all about Labha7 BD Promo Code from our guide.


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